Mobile Learning for your team.

Lemon® is a leading mobile learning system that enables companies to provide their employees, field forces and external teams with the right knowledge anywhere, anytime. Learn how Lemon® can help your team achieve greater success through mobile knowledge transfer without borders.

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Give your employees the freedom to engage with knowledge in a self-determined way, anytime, anywhere.

Being independent of place and time means absolute freedom. And mobile learning with Lemon® means complete freedom of learning. Try it now, your team will thank you.

Simple, fast and intuitive. The latest generation Mobile Learning System.

Our mobile learning system for communication, collaboration and engaging knowledge transfer. With Lemon®, you give everyone easy access to relevant knowledge. Learners access information, training, and insights anywhere, anytime, from any device. This way, you provide your teams with the right knowledge at the right time.

E-learning from a single source. From A to Z.

In addition to the pure learning management system, we offer much more. We accompany you step by step in the establishment of a motivating learning culture, the development of individual learning strategies, the creation of inspiring content up to real-time KPIs through modern learning analytics methods.

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